Retail Horizons: Positioning Your Sustainability Strategy for the Long-Run

Jessica McGlyn
Founder and President, Catalynics

It’s 2030. You are the CSO of a multinational Consumer Packaged Goods Company. In this era, technology has essentially taken out the middle-man and now people get everything from shoes to shampoo to sugar from distributed, self-organized networks. Goods are rapidly made and disposed of, 3-D printing is ubiquitous and consumers seek products that are highly customized to their tastes. In this new age, how will you help your company create a business model that delivers products and services with a net positive societal and environmental impact? The Retail Horizons FuturesKit, a joint project of Forum for the Future, the Continue reading →

Climate Science is Useless (to Business): Time to send scientists to b-school & business leaders back to science class

Kyoto. Montreal. Durban. Rio.Venerable cities all, but, with the exception of Rio (only because it hasn’t happened yet), each is also synonymous with failure. Failure to get consensus on the future of the environment and sustainable development.
But why? When I speak with individual business and government leaders a broad consensus exists on the need for action. The barrier seems to be politics. So let’s by-pass the politics. To do that, though, we need a different kind of collective-action—one based on science and grounded in data.
The problem with science is that it’s mostly aimed at scientists. The “big science” coming out of scientific academies and institutions is aimed either at other scientists or at the big multi-national conferences.

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