Executive Director’s Report (November 2014)

Allie Williams, IOM

Executive Director, CRA

The CRA Webinar Series provides members the opportunity to learn from some of the corporate responsibility community’s top thought leaders. In January of 2014, we initiated a pilot program to schedule four educational webinars. The Professional Development Thought Leadership Council (TLC) busied themselves – and by the end of our first meeting, we had the four scheduled. Would four be enough to share all the knowledge this team offers? No!

We launched a full effort and by the end of December 2014 – the Corporate Responsibility Association, along with the PD TLC will have concluded nine webinars. The average number of attendees has been 75 and the content has been extraordinary.

Our Series included educational themes like:

  • CR Magazine’s What Makes a Good Corporate Citizen? (Analyzing the Results of the Annual CR 100 Best Corporate Citizenship Rankings) Hosted by Glen Yelton at IW Financial
  • Business Disaster Recovery (Lessons Learned & Best Practices) Hosted by CRA partner, Agility Recovery
  • G4 and SASB™ (Should you put all your eggs in one basket?) Hosted by GRI training expert Cora Lee Mooney, BrownFlynn
  • Beyond Engaged! (How to unlock your employee volunteering and giving program to drive the highest levels of inspiration and impact) Hosted by Ryan Scott, Causecast
  • How to Cope with Survey Fatigue (Will responding to 200 questionnaires per year get your company a good sustainability rating?) Hosted by Bahar Gidwani, CSRHub and Niki King, Campbell Soup Company
  • Corporate Culture and Change Management (Understanding and influencing the corporate culture and its effect to embrace critical change) Hosted by Gregg Anderson, Crowe Horwath, LLC
  • Global Supply Chain Complexities and the Changing Risk Management. Hosted by Art Stewart, Stewart Strategies
  • Leading Sustainable Change in Your Organization. Hosted by, Barton Alexander, Principal, Alexander & Associates LLC
  • 2015 CR Magazine 100 Best Corporate Citizenship Rankings: An overview of relevant changes. Hosted by Glen Yelton, IW Financial

We look forward to 2015, with a full schedule and a few repeats from this year. If you are interested in lending your talents to the Professional Development team or any of the other Thought Leadership Councils, please contact me to engage.

TLC’s include…Ratings & Rankings, Professional Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Brand & Reputation Management and Responsible Supply Chain.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Posted November 18, 2014 in CR Blog