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As the professional society for the CR community, our mission is to advance the power of business to ensure a sustainable future. CRA envisions a world where a thriving business community creates sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We welcome all who are interested in engaging CR as a part of their role; practitioners from companies, nonprofits, academia, and government, as well as corporate sponsors, to support programs around:

  • Professional Development – a place to go and learn, tools for benchmarking, defining a focus on the industry
  • Networking – the opportunity to meet others with similar issues and concerns
  • Communication Channel – the opportunity to tell your story and make the world aware of what’s working in your organization
  • Access – unique member to member exchange opportunities and introductions

By joining the CRA, members also gain access to COMMIT!Forum and CR Magazine,  the most‐trusted repositories of knowledge, networking, and content in the field as they convene with the experts and organizations in all four CR disciplines globally. And through our partnership with NYSE Euronext and its ~6,500 listed companies, you join the largest independent CR community focused on an integrated view of responsibility practices.

We are becoming a model for other organizations an association others will aspire to be. Become a member of CRA today.

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