Advanced CR Primer: Three Driving Trends in Strategic Value Creation

Wednesday, January 18 2017 @ 12:00PM EST

Corporate responsibility (CR) practice is maturing and morphing into uncharted areas at a rapid pace. Responsibility-oriented business practices are increasingly embedded within standard operating procedure for key functional areas of an enterprise.

With a more integral operational role for corporate responsibility comes a redefining of what constitutes responsibility practice overall. We are migrating from CR as a reactionary movement of compliant behavioral modification in such areas as transparency, reporting, policy and public positioning to one of strategic imperative at the core of management, governance, operations and human capital functionality.

Responsible business standards and practices are becoming part of the solution criteria for addressing a host of increasingly complex challenges resulting from a dramatically shifting context for global supply chain operations, enterprise risk management, Board governance, C-suite leadership, human capital enablement and culture development. Organization models emphasizing jurisdictional or functional control are giving way to integrated, cross-disciplinary approaches that drive end-to-end value creation to positively impact a company’s top and bottom line, resulting in a strategic value advantage.

This webinar, presented by Strategic Impact Partners, will examine three trends that are driving a transformation of corporate responsibility practice to a new operations-centric model. It will help Corporate Responsibility Officers and their leadership counterparts utilize their expertise, and the tools at their disposal, to successfully extend the CR function into operational areas where the future competitive viability of the enterprise and new expectations for value delivery are most acute.

We’ll look at:

How responsible business practices are changing service level agreements (SLAs) and introducing new KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) that are converting the supply chain into a competitive operational asset…

How a model of Conscious Leadership and Culture is enabling CR practices to better support alignment with operations, risk and financial management pressures…

And how a new social contract of human capital development is necessitating an overhaul in the approach to organization design.


Art Stewart
Founder and Managing Director                                                                                                    
Strategic Impact Partners
Jeff Leinaweaver
Senior Strategist                                                                                                    
Strategic Impact Partners
Brian Cunningham
Senior Strategist                                                                                                    
Strategic Impact Partners