Global Supply Chain Complexities and the Changing Risk Management Agenda II

Thursday, January 01 2015 @ 12:00PM EST

New risk concerns are requiring business leaders to implement more stringent supply chain management strategies. A range of corporate stakeholders may be impacted overnight by any number of scenarios that can create a context in which business stability or continuity becomes threatened. Company leaders are more challenged than ever to embed practices that improve growth prospects and profitability while also driving long-term competitive agility, resiliency, and risk management. As a result, corporate responsibility professionals are being pulled into an unfamiliar terrain involving critical operational areas of today’s complex supply chain environment.

In this two part webinar series, you will learn about:

  • Innovations in global supply chain management that are transforming the traditional sourcing paradigm
  • New opportunities for CR professionals to extend their C-suite influence via supply chain and risk matters
  • A CR check list of strategies and tactics for mitigating emerging supply chain issues


Art Stewart (Moderator)
Managing Director, Strategic Impact Partners
Research Fellow – Center for Business Ethics, Bentley University
CR Educator, Speaker, and Writer
Joel Sutherland
Managing Director – Supply Chain Management Institute
Adjunct Professor, Supply Chain Management – University of San Diego
Marcia Seymour
Senior Manager – Procurement Corporate Responsibility, Strategic Sourcing Group
TD Bank Group
Jeff Tanenbaum
Nixon Peabody